Sigma Audio De Facto


Description : 4 way , Passive Radiator Loaded
Technical Characteristics
Sensitivity : 91 dB/W/m
Nominal Impedance : 6 ohm (4 ohm minimum @ 20.000Hz)
Frequency response : 22/27Hz (variable) – 100.000Hz
Crossover Frequencies : 220/950/5100Hz
Dimensions : 106x34x33 cm (HxWxD)
Weight : 53.5Kgr each piece
Colors: Black lacquer (standard) or White lacquer (optional)

Detailed Features

The Drivers :
all carefully manufactured by Accuton Germany
Tweeter : 3/4″ Diamond
Upper Midrange : 2″ Ceramic
Lower Midrange : 5″ Ceramic
Woofer : 9″ Ceramic
Passive radiator : 11″ Sandwich Honeycomb

The Cabinet :
Rigid construction 50mm MDF Sandwich,
(2x25mm) attached with viscoelastic resin
multi-asymmetrical braced structure,
internal pyramidoid threadment, eliminates static waves
Variable volume design, by five removable internal
parts, each one differentiate by 1Hz to the overall
bass response of the loudspeaker.

The Crossover :
The advanced innovative series crossover topology is the “edge”
of Sigma’s research and development department. The latest and more
impressive achievement is the new four way crossover of DeFacto.
Almost flat frequency, phase and impedance response, makes DeFacto
unmatched on listening sessions, as if it was a perfect full range driver.
Our ultra-minimal crossover design makes DeFacto the highest
sensitivity loudspeaker of its league, with micro-detailed crystal
clear natural sound. Only carefully selected and matched crossover parts are
used, including flat wire coils and Mundorf’s supreme capacitors.
Because of its linear impedance behaviour DeFacto is “amplifier friendly”,
makes it ideal match for any type of amplifier, including vacuum tube amplifiers.

Superiority on bass tuning :
Our selected passive radiator unit, it has almost twice the active surface
area of the woofer. Fact that guarantees undistorted and uncompressed
linear bass reproduction even at high listening levels. By adding (or removing)
mass to the passive radiator unit, (up to ten metallic rings).
You can adjust the bass tuning ideally, to fit your listening room.
:note: along with the cabinet’s variable volume feature,
there are 50 different bass tuning combinations.

Sigma Audio