EAD E60We are happy to introduce the new E60, a totally reworked unit. Everything except the cone and rim changed, but still we made it very compatible with the previous model, so upgrading shouldn’t be a hassle. We kept the same dimensions, but removed the buck magnet for a more shallow assembly. A carefully selected spider has given us almost the same low Fs as with ferro fluid, but with the new motor (a ferrite/NEO combo), the HF has extended to well over 30 KHz, most likely making it the widest range 2” unit on the market. X-max is increased to +/- 2.1 m.m. Distortion is now less too. We are using a new composite Glass Fiber reinforced chassis with a more open design for a better air flow. The lead out wires are replaced with silver plated soldering terminals connecting to new high quality tinsel leads. Sensitivity is up partly due to the new motor system, but also due to a little less impedance as the driver now is a 4 Ohm unit. Manufactured by E.A.D. Sweden AB, www.eadsweden.com, info@eadsweden.com The E60 features a metal cone which allows this unit to effortlessly cover the range 95Hz to 30kHz. The resonant frequency of this unit is 95Hz which allows a single unit, in a 1.2-2 liter, totally enclosed box, to form the basis for a superb, satellite/ sub-bass system together with E130 or E170. The E60 driver may also be used in multiple arrays, facilitated by the rectangular chassis. A Vertical, Linear Array System provides the most dramatic re-creation of live stage realism ever achieved. Grouping them in 4, 9 or 16 units will keep the initial impedance. More info will be found in our systems PDF in due time.

E60 now also comes with individual parameters included in each box!


Thiele/Small Parameters, 4Ohm
”Method: Fixed-Mmd (1.708 grams)”
”OCR mode: Fixed (3.31 ohms)”
”Area (Sd); 26.42 sq cm”
”Series resistance: 75.00 ohms”
”Stimulus level: 3.83 volts”
”SPLref reference impedance: 8 ohms”
”Large units (volume = liters, mass = grams)”
94,53 ”Fs Rz”
3.310 ”Re Ohms”
11.813 ”Res Ohms”
2.70 ”Qms”
0.71 ”Qes ”
0.56 ”Qts ”
0.05 ”L1 mR”
0.09 ”L2 mH”
1.56 ”Vas (Sd) liters”
1.692 ”MIns (Sd) grams”
1588 ”Cms(Sd) ceM/Newton”
2.21 ”B1(Sd) Tesla-M”
88.31 ”SPLref(Sd) dB[8 ohms]”
X-max: +/- 2.1mm (4.2 mm p-p)
Power: 10W cont. 15W Max. In music


EAD E60 



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