RAAL 70-10

True ribbon drivers are well known by their ability of exceptionally fine rendering of the details in music material. They work in a different way than conventional dome or ring HF driver, relieved of all the excess baggage, so to speak, and they do their job better than anything else, regardless of the price tag. No domes, rings, suspensions, coil formers, glues, damping material, not even the lacquer insulation on the wire of the coil. No heavy plastic carrier foils, like in cheap quasi-ribbons. Only 0.004 mm (0.00016 in.) thick aluminium foil, immersed in strong magnetic field. It serves as all the moving parts mention above.

Tremendous acceleration of air is available with RAAL 70-10, more than 13000 G, and in less than 200 microseconds after, that air is stopped. That brutal controlling force combined with the smoothest response available and bandwidth of 100 kHz, can ensure you that the weak link in any system equipped with it, will not be the HF driver.

It will show the differences between the electronics or cables without any effort by the listener. The better the electronics chain before it, the better the sound will be. The sound? Well, some people still can’t believe what they can hear with it, for the fist time ever, in their well known music material. That comes as standard with, pretty much, all true ribbons, but the effortless recreation of real dynamics, and amazingly high SPL levels for a ribbon of that size, was not known before RAAL 70-10. It doesn’t get intimidated by the big amplifiers. If you have clean power, feed it to the little fellow, and you will be stunned by all the music you have, presented in another dimension of reality. If you don’t have power, and/or you don’t like it, then discover the abundance of detail and true colour of any instrument played in a brand new, engaging manner. Yes, the best quality of HF region, and real, breathing, micro and macro dynamics gives a totally new sense of what the musician(s) wanted to say. It will make you forget that the system is in front of you. The music will come to life.


– Special FLATFOIL® pure Aluminium ribbon
– Special SYMMLEAD® low inductance signal path
– Special EQUAFIELD® NdFeB magnetic structure
– Special “non-wave-guide” INOX front plate
– Super-fast settling time
– Flat frequency response
– Low nonlinear distortion
– High signal power handling
– Highest reliability

– Ribbon material: aluminium
– Ribbon dimensions: ( 70 x 9.5 x 0.004 ) mm
– Ribbon mass: 0.0075 g
– Ribbon area: 6.65 cm sq.
– Gap induction ( mean value over gap width): 0.62 T
– Frequency response: 2 kHz ~ 100 kHz
– Sensitivity: 92 dB / 1 m / 2.83 V
– Impedance: 8 Ohm
– Program power handling: 150 W*
– *Recommended crossover: 4th order L-R @ 2800 Hz

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RAAL 70-10