EAD E100

EAD E100Embracing a range of almost nine octaves, the E100 offers among the widest bandwidth of any single drive unit available. This not only provides an exceptionally smooth, high-definition, crossover-free sound quality but allows for a very diverse range of applications. The E100 can be successfully used with all types of enclosures including closed or vented boxes, transmission lines and horn loaded designs. It is eminently suitable for professional near-field monitors, high quality domestic hi-fi, home cinema and custom installations. Optionally the unit is magnetically screened, enabling it to be used in close proximity. (The shield is a separate item that can be added at any time).



15min break-in at 9volts 50 Hz. Stimulus level 3.83 Volts.
Free air resonance FO Hz 51.0
Mechanical Q Qm 1.86
Electrical Q Qe 0.69
Total Q Qt 0.50
Force factor B*1 t*m 4.17
DC resistance Re ohms 5.53
Dynamic mass Md grams 6.7
Cms æM/Newton 1443
Equiv air volume Vas litre 12.51
Cone area Sd sq. cms 78.5
Sound pressure level SPL 1m 1w 87.3
Min box volume (IB) litres 3.0
Power, continuous watts 50
Power, music, in system watts 100
Xmax p-p m.m. 9.0


EAD E100 


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