RAAL 140-15D

Size matters. With surface of 21 sq. cm (3.25 in. sq.), super-light 22 mg flat foil, deflector pads, homogenous magnetic field, it represents the finest in today’s mid-high transducer design. Many other details in its construction serve as tools to achieve the flattest possible frequency response and fastest settling time. Its fast and accurate.
The main difference is that, contrary to other ribbon drivers, it recreates the spherical sound wave, although it is a straight line source, so the high frequency range is not emphasised and “beamed” to a vertically very narrow space.

Bad directivity characteristics is very audible, like constant presence of sound system in front of the listener, as the brain registers the changes in sound field with small head movements thus inducing the listener to use effort to be very still while listening. Also, too directive speakers, tend to provoke just a few of listening room’s reflections, making the needed diffuse sound field in room deprived of high frequency components, which is another problem to our brain. Real instruments don’t behave that way, so that should be recreated as mush as possible. 140-15D does just that, it makes almost semi-spherical sound wave, like life around us does.

Its ability to produce very high SPL with no audible distortion while keeping the minute music details revealed without any effort, brings natural character of the instrument played into the listening room, with such a quality of sound that upgrades the perspective of a listener to a participant in an event that happened somewhere else in time and place.

It comes easily for the 140-15D to “fool” the human brain in such a way that, all of a sudden, makes everything sound right and just as it should. The brain has no option but to interpret that there are real living people playing real musical instruments, playing in the very room in which, a millisecond ago, contained nothing more than your stereo system. The sensation of hearing “natural” sound is overwhelming. The exact size of all the instruments and vocals, their perfect position within the sound stage, and the clarity of air between the instrument’s positions are all instantly recognizable…

Enough said. You must hear it to believe it.


– Special FLATFOIL® pure Aluminium ribbon
– Special SYMMLEAD® low inductance signal path
– Special EQUAFIELD® NdFeB magnetic structure
– Special “non-wave-guide” INOX front plate
– Exceptional vertical dispersion
– Super-fast settling time
– Flat frequency response
– Low nonlinear distortion
– High signal power handling
– Highest reliability


– Ribbon material: aluminium
– Ribbon dimensions: ( 140 x 15 x 0.004 ) mm
– Ribbon mass: 0.022 g
– Ribbon area: 21 cm sq.
– Gap induction ( mean value over gap width): 0.51 T
– Frequency response: 500 Hz ~ 100 kHz
– Sensitivity: 95 dB / 1 m / 2.83 V
– Impedance: 8 Ohm
– Program power handling: 200 W*
– *Recommended crossover: 4th order L-R @ 1600 Hz

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RAAL 140-15D